Kaas Plateau And Vajrai Waterfall

Kaas Plateau, as the name suggests, is a plateau situated 25 kilometers from Satara city in Maharashtra. We went there for a weekend getaway in early September 2017. Kaas, a part of UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites, is famous for its endemic flowers and also known as Valley of Flowers. The flower beds, here, are sheer pleasure to your eyes, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, when we visited the place, flowers had just started to blossom. While for weather and landscapes, I am short on words!

Flowers At Kaas

Though we couldn’t witness many flowers at Kaas, we were oh-so-happy, and the reason for that happiness was an enchanting Vajrai waterfall! We happened to discover this place, which is just 2 km from Kaas, during our search for the flower beds. 

Ahh! I wish I could wake up to this view every day.

When the smoky curtains vanish into the air, you behold frosty cascades coming down the lush green mountains. And before you frame them into your eyes, they disappear behind the meddling fog once again – enticing you for one more sight.

When the grass is greener on both the sides 😀
The Sky is always up to teach a new color ❤
There is a cow. How do you cross?

Finally, I am sharing my first travel video and I’m super excited about it! Hope you will enjoy watching this video, as much as I enjoy creating it. It’s a little blurry and cannot justify the beauty of this place. Still, I’ve tried to capture a few surreal moments.

P.S. If you’re planning to visit Kaas Plateau, make sure you go between mid-September and early October to experience the bloom. 😀

Until next time,

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